Saturday, December 29, 2007

I wrote this post in my head last night around 2am when it dawned on me that I forgot Michelle C’s birthday. Sorry! I love and miss you and can’t believe I didn’t think to call you!

One of my least favorite things about myself lately is that I cannot remember anything. Great…I hear this only gets worse as you get older. Soon I’m gonna have to start writing my name in my underwear so I will know where to look in case I forget who I am.

One of the things that really bugs me to forget is someone’s birthday. The Michellles? Yep. Hardly ever remember any of their birthdays. (And yes, I know there are not 3 ls in that name. I have 4 friends named Michelle. 2 of “The Michellles” spell it with one l and 2 with two ls. When referring to all these girls, I just use 3.)

My cousin Neil? Yep. Always forget her birthday. Know what stinks about this? She ALWAYS remembers mine! She always calls me to wish me happy birthday and I NEVER remember her birthday and always feel like a heel. (Note to Neil: Did you know I wanted to grow up to be just like you? You had the cool name, the pretty hair and always had a boyfriend. Me? I had crazy hair, braces and glasses and was so shy I’d rather read a book than try to talk to a boy. Didn’t know if you knew that about me but I always thought you were so cool. Still do. Love you and I’m sorry I never remember you on your birthday!)

I even forgot to call my sister on her birthday this year! I could never forget when it is, but somehow didn’t get around to calling and felt totally crappy about it. (Sorry, B! Love you!) Anyway, that’s one of my New Year’s resolutions this year. Try to be better about remembering birthdays. Gotta look in my address book and see when everyone’s birthdays actually are. Well, first I have to FIND my address book. Could be a while. Anyone have a birthday in January? You might be out of luck. Could be February before I find the darn thing!