Thursday, November 15, 2007

Your daddy taught you how to stick out your tongue yesterday. You should have seen the two of you! Sitting on the couch and sticking your tongues out at each other. It was so funny! You are staying awake more and more these days and usually you prefer to stay awake at night when we should all be sleeping. I know we’ll get the hang of the sleeping at night eventually but right now your tired mama thinks it can’t be soon enough! But for now, we will just keep reading Mother Goose and Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb at 4am and I’ll keep singing (badly) every lullaby I can think of.
Before I met you I could not have imagined I could be so happy staying at home all day. Now I find myself losing great big stretches of time just staring at you. You make the funniest faces! I see a lot of your daddy in you but one of the things I know you got from me is the ability to raise one eyebrow and give “the look”. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually be able to catch you doing that and take a picture. Another thing you inherited from me is the fact that you are NOT good at waking up. I usually wake up cranky and so do you. Boy, I am in for it when you start school! (Now I know what my dad went through trying to wake me up! Sorry dad! Don’t worry…I’ll be getting it back tenfold I think.)
You are sleeping right now and we had a pretty good night last night. Thanks for sleeping in your crib most of the night and letting mama and daddy get some sleep. I love you, my sweet, funny little milk-breath boy. You are my favorite.