Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I had a dr's appt today and was glad to hear that everything was A-OK. I gained 2 lbs (for a total of 26 so far) and my blood pressure was great as always. I'm usually pretty textbook when it comes to all those tests. (Thankfully!) The dr measured my belly and said things look good. The baby was heads down and his heartbeat was 138. I have a cold or allergies or something going on and have practically lost my voice entirely so I asked the doc if there was anything I could take to help. He said lots of water (which I'm already drinking) and Tylenol Cold. My back was hurting a lot today. I actually ended up kind of limping around by the end of the day because it hurt so bad. I really hate to keep complaining about being pregnant. I want to bea able to just enjoy it because it's only ONCE that you're pregnant for the first time. But can my back just quit hurting for a little bit?!