Thursday, September 20, 2007

I had an appt w/the anesthesiologist's office today and it kind of freaked me out even more. I understand that they HAVE to tell me about all the risks involved w/anesthesia but still...I don't want to hear about that scary stuff! But at least I didn't have to SEE examples of what they do. We did have to watch a video which explained what types of anesthesia are offered but the pictures were cartoon-like and not too scary so it was sortof OK.

In other random news, I'm treating myself to a pedicure tomorrow on my lunch break. I can't reach my toes too well these days and I want to have cute tootsies for the engagement party we're going to tomorrow night. Yay! I'll try to get a picture of me in my cute outfit and post it...some time.

Tonight I'm home by myself, I've already eaten dinner and it's only 7:30. (J's schmoozing w/a vendor from work.) I'm looking around my house and I see a sinkful of dishes, laundry that needs to be done, 2 bags that need to be unpacked from our trip this weekend, a bunch of paperwork and mail that needs to be gone through and put away, a gift that needs to be wrapped for a party tomorrow night and TONS of other things I should be doing. But all I have the energy to do right now is take a bath and go to bed. And that's OK, right? Tell me I shouldn't feel guilty about going to bed before 8. :) Part of me is saying "Of course it's OK. You're tired. You're pregnant and you're sick." (I either have a cold or my allergies are really acting up.) And the other part of me is saying "You'd better not go to bed early. You'd better get your house cleaned up while you still have a chance because once the baby comes you can kiss that idea goodbye for a while." Hmmm...I think I'm gonna tell that 2nd little voice to shut up so I can get some sleep. I am TIRED!