Monday, July 09, 2007

Once again, this will be the Reader's Digest condensed version because it's getting to be past my bedtime! :)

Well, ultrasound day came and went and most of you probably have already heard by now that they think we're having a boy. The tech wasn't 100% sure, but she said as far as she could tell that our baby is a BOY. Hopefully she's right...we got TONS of boy stuff at our baby shower.

Speaking of baby shower, we had a WONDERFUL trip home! First we visited Jason's sister in Tulsa and I got to meet my gorgeous niece Alexa. She is such a happy baby! Hopefully my baby will be just as happy and cute as Alexa and her handsome brother Mason. Then we visited Jason's mom in Perry. We got to stay around the house a lot and just spend some good quality time together. It was really nice. Then on Monday we went into Stillwater and went baby shopping. That was fun! We also rented our truck to haul all our furniture and baby stuff back to WV with us.

The next day we got up, loaded up all our stuff and drove to Lawton. We got into town and went to my grandparents house. It was so good to see them! Of course, as with everyone, it didn't feel like we got to visit with them nearly enough, but we're grateful for the little time we did have together. I did drag J to a few of my favorite shopping places (only 2 though). We went to Hobby Lobby to check out their clearance stuff. I got a beautiful vanity mirror that was originally $89.99 on clearance for only $18.20. I got a few other things too and maybe someday I'll get around to taking pictures of a bunch of things and putting them online. I'm WAY behind on posting pictures, I know! I also got to go to Dustee's (my favorite cheap jewelry place) and I got some fun new earrings. We went to Wayne's drive in a few times and Sonic and Braum's too. I think I got my fill of cheeseburgers for a while! It's time for some fruit and veggies and lots of them! :)

On the 4th, my sister and mom had a baby shower for us. It was a WONDERFUL day from beginning to end. We got almost every single thing on both of our registries! I was so overwhelmed and so grateful to everyone who came. (Baby shower thank-you's are high on the priority list this week!) After that, we went back to my grandparents' house and took a nap. We needed it after all that excitement, let me tell you! After we got up, we had dinner and visited with my sister and her family, my dad, my aunt and her kids (HI, NICOLE and ABBIE!We miss you!) and my grandparents. Then we watched the fireworks from the window. My grandparents live in the country so there were fireworks all around us. We didn't even have to leave the house to see the show!

The drive home wasn't very fun. 2 whole days being cooped up in a Penske truck where the seats don't recline. Guess it could have been worse. At least the air conditioner worked. And the radio. I'd have hated to have had to sing the entire time. :) Overall it was an uneventful drive. Saturday I was feeling a little sorry for myself because we drove through Nashville and saw all the cool places I've always wanted to go to but never thought I'd get to visit. And all we could do was wave through the window of the moving truck. But once I got to thinking about it, we really didn't get to do anything fun for Jason's birthday either. (I was SO morning-sick all day that day!) And we had a whole truckfull of furnture and baby stuff to be thankful for, so I got over my disappointment pretty quickly.

We were so tired from the trip that we STILL haven't unpacked our suitcases or done any laundry. I am so worn out! And getting back into the swing of things after a week off was so hard today! But I am SO glad to be sleeping in my own bed! Kingsdown beds are the best! (Shameless plug for J's company there, but it is SO TRUE!)

We've got so much work to do! All the baby stuff is stacked up in a crib in the middle of our living room. We will be busy this weekend putting things away but that is going to be the fun part! I'm sure it will not be done this weekend, but I'll take a picture of the before and after baby room makeover. I know, I know, I totally have been promising pictures forever, but I'm TIRED folks! One of these days I'll actually make good on that promise and ya'll will fall out of your chairs in disbelief.

Now that I re-read this post, it's not a very short version after all. Gotta get in bed. I've got to get up at 5am!


Nicole said...

Hi, Amy & Jason! We miss you too!