Thursday, June 28, 2007

I can't believe it's here! Ultrasound day...which we thought for a few hours was NOT going to actually happen as scheduled! The tech had to fly to Florida for an emergency and they called to reschedule my appt. I said "NO WAY! Isn't there any other option?!" and they offered to reschedule me at another facilty. Now that's more like it! So instead of having the ultrasound at 10:15, I'll have a dr's appt at 11 for a checkup and then have the ultrasound at 2:30 and they'll call me to tell me the results. I SHOULD leave the ultrasound knowing the sex of the baby (if he or she cooperates) but they'll have to call me to tell me everything else. (If the size of the baby matches the estimated due date, etc.) So those of you with cell phones should get a text msg shortly after I leave the ultrasound...IF I have any news to report.
Can't wait to go to bed so I can hurry up and get tomorrow started!
We'll be in Oklahoma (weather permitting!) by 10 or 10:30 tomorrow night. :)
Can't wait to see everyone!