Saturday, March 17, 2007

For quite some time now I've been trying to eat healthier and exercise to lose some weight. Well, it's not even really about the losing weight part, more that I just really wanted to feel healthier. It's a good thing I've been eating healthy for a while now because I just found out I'm pregnant! Yep...kinda like God said "Yeah, you go ahead and eat healthy, but I've got something else planned for you." :) We're pretty excited about it. I've suspected for a little while but finally took a test (okay really it was 3 tests) and they all were positive.

We spent today calling most of our family and telling them the good news. Forgive me if I didn't get to call you yet. When I wasn't on the phone, I was pretty busy sleeping (I am SO tired!) and eating and trying real hard not to throw up. I'm pretty much sick all day long off and on, but it's better if I eat pretty often. That seems to be the only way to keep from getting sick. I haven't been to the dr yet, but I'm calling to make an appt on Monday. I'll be sure and post when I find out when I have an appt.