Saturday, March 10, 2007

Work was interesting yesterday. My co-teacher was off and we had a new substitute come in. Yesterday was her first day in my room and her first day of work for our center. Yesterday was also the most chaotic day I can remember in my class (with the exception of "Christmas Party 2006", which will not mention because after that day, I was VERY close to swearing off holiday parties forever).

Why was it so crazy yesterday? It was show and tell day. We are trying to phase out show and tell. Why? Because show and tell Fridays have somehow turned into free for all Fridays where all the kids want to do all day is play with their fantastically annoying toys they bring for show and tell. And you know what? Show and tell may work with older kids. It might actually be fun and entertaining and do-able with kids older than 3. But have you ever actually witnessed the attention span of a 3 year old? Let me tell is not long. And to expect them to be able to sit with their very favorite toy in their lap and wait their turn to show it to their friends and pay attention to whomever is talking is utterly ridiculous. But, enough of me on my soapbox.

Basically, yesterday was crazy and in the middle of it all, I had to try to train our new sub. She's a sweet girl and very enthusiastic about her job. She's great with the kids and it was really nice to have her there. I am betting she'll be offered a full time job in the very near future because 2 people quit at work yesterday. I'm not going to comment on why (because I really don't know for sure and it would be total speculation and gossip on my part and I'm not going to go there) but I am really hoping we can find some good people to work. People who will actually stay longer than a few months and will show up when they're supposed to be there and not be calling in all the time, leaving those of us who are always at work to scramble to pick up the slack.