Friday, June 30, 2006

It's finally Friday! Can't wait to just RELAX this weekend! After going and going nonstop last weekend, I'm really looking forward to not doing much. Last weekend was very fun, but I didn't feel like I got to unwind after the long week. The daycare is closed Tuesday but we do have to work Monday. As for our 4th of July plans, we're still not quite sure what we're doing. I'd rather be home for the 4th, but since we aren't I'm not sure where we'll go. Last year we stayed home and watched the fireworks in our neighborhood. And the next morning we cleaned up all the crap in our yard from our inconsiderate neighbors fireworks trash. It was even on MY CAR! Boy, I was mad! So this year, I think we'll hop in the car and head somewhere else. I thought about going to D.C. to watch the big to-do up there, but I just don't know if I want to fight the traffic and stay out that late. I think we'll find somewhere a little closer to our house! :) At school this week, we've been learning all about Independence Day and the kids have been having fun with that. On Monday, we're having a birthday party for America. It is pretty fun seeing the kids start to somewhat understand the meaning of patriotism. Now when they see red, white and blue anywhere they say "Look, Ms. Amy! It looks like the American flag!" Pretty cool.
Happy (early) 4th of July!