Sunday, April 02, 2006

Shopping Extravaganza

My poor husband has had to endure many, many weekends full of shopping. He's pretty good-natured about it when I'm shopping for stuff for the house. And here lately it seems like I'm ALWAYS shopping for stuff for the house! We've lived here for almost a year and it still seems like there is a never-ending list of things we "need" for the house.

Lately, we've been concentrating on decorating our bedroom. I LOVE the way it is turning out! I am in love with the aqua/dark brown color scheme we've picked and so far everything we've bought has been perfect for the room and perfectly cheap. We started with a gorgeous chocolate brown quilt for the bed which we lucked out and found at TJ Maxx for only $50! (For a king-sized quilt! WOW!)We also bought some aqua colored sheets from Walmart for $45 and 2 brown and blue throw pillows for $37.00. Then, we went to Big Lots and found 4 really cute votive holders for 99 cents a piece. Those look so cute on our bedside tables.

This weekend, we went to Gabriel Brothers (kinda like Ross or TJ Maxx) and I found a aqua colored throw for $7.99 for the foot of the bed. Perfect to keep some of the cat hair off our pretty brown quilt. (Who knew our cats shed so much?! Lint-rolling our new quilt is an almost daily chore for us now, but it is SO worth it!) We also found 2 velvety brown pillows for $4.99 at Big Lots. (I LOVE that place!)

Now all we need to do in the bedroom is get the brown curtains I found (Walmart $32.00), paint and concentrate on furniture. I think we will make a headboard for our bed. I found a picture of a headboard that I LOVE and it would be SO easy to copy.

Here's a picture of the headboard I'd like to make:

Jason bought a new circular saw, some sawhorses, and some other misc. tools to start working on building us some furniture. He made some pieces in high school that are really pretty and solid so I can't wait for him to get busy on our bedroom furniture!

I'll take a picture sometime once we're finished with the room. It's going to look so pretty!

After the bedroom makeover it's time to work on some flowerbeds and plant some trees outside. Talk about expensive! But it will be so worth it when we're finished. :)