Sunday, March 05, 2006

On books and movies...

I just finished the Da Vinci Code. I know, I know, apparently I'm way behind the times if I've JUST finished, but I'm cheap and waited until it was under $15 to buy. :) I loved it! This is the one time I've actually cared enough about a book to buy the hardback version. And this is saying a lot, considering how much I love to read.

I read Angels and Demons first and was completely fascinated. I loved it so much I made my husband listen to parts of it out loud. I actually made him pause the basketball game he was watching and listen to me read aloud one very interesting part of the book. And the even better part? He thought it was interesting too! (Didn't even seem to mind that I had him pause the game. Now that is BIG!) Now he's reading it and he will read the Da Vinci Code next. That's even cooler. (That he's reading something other than a business book.)

And about movies. Well, one movie in particular. Have you seen Walk The Line? We actually had a date night a couple of months ago and went to see this movie. I loved every second of it and knew I had to own it before I was even finished watching it the first time! We are HUGE Johnny Cash fans at our house and both of us were trying so hard to keep ourselves from singing along to this movie! There was an older couple in the row behind us and I heard the man comment "I'm surprised at how many young people are here tonight". You betcha!

I bought Jason the Walk the Line soundtrack for Christmas and we just bought the DVD this weekend. As soon as OU loses this basketball game, we're going to watch the movie again. (Sorry, Sooner fans but right now OU is sucking it up big time!) You HAVE to see this movie! Go, now! Rent it, buy it, borrow it, whatever, but SEE THIS MOVIE! And tell me all about it when you're done. :)