Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Nothing too exciting going on here. It seems I've trained my cat. (Although not in the way I had hoped.) Patches likes to be everywhere she's not supposed to be. Counters, mostly, but she's not picky. When we come home at night, we've found her on top of our kitchen counter more times than we can count. GROSS! And every time we holler at her to "GET DOWN!" Lately, she's started laying down on whatever surface we tell her to get down from. Kinda like "look, I'm being cute. I need some pets. Don't make me get down." Drives me up the wall. Lately, she's taken to curling up in the bathroom sink while I'm getting ready for work in the morning. Again, GROSS! Do you know how annoying it is to have to move the cat out of the sink so you can spit out your toothpaste? I've tried everything I can think of to get her to quit. The thing is, she likes water! I've tried spraying her with a water bottle to get her off surfaces she knows she's not supposed to be on. Nope! She'd let you spray her all day long if you wanted. She'd just look at you and lick it off like "hmm...thanks, I needed that." AARRRGGGGHHH!!! I love my cats, but they sure are annoying. Actually, only Patches is annoying. Pumpkin is good 99% of the time. When she is bad, I think Patches must be egging her on, because really she's pretty good. Any suggestions? I've used the spray bottle to train all my other cats and it's worked great. What do you do with a cat who likes water? :)