Sunday, August 07, 2005

You know, sometimes I get to reading other blogs and I start feeling bad about what I post on this blog. Sometimes I have the most boring/goofy posts and sometimes I don't even post anything for weeks at a time. When I started this blog, I used to think I wrote some pretty funny stuff once in a while.
I'd love to be able to write like Dooce or RudeCactus or Snidget or Bakerina (their blogs can be found on my blogroll, to the left). It seems some people just have a way with words. (Thanks to B, who said some of my earlier stuff was witty. Even if you did accidentally spell it "whitty". Ha!ha! Love you, B!)
I used to spend so much time on this computer, it was unreal. I used to post a whole lot more and I really enjoyed it. But, I started spending more time on the compouter and on my blog, than I did with my husband and it was really starting to take a toll on our relationship. So when we moved up here, I made a new rule. No posting during the week. Just relaxing, hanging out, just the two of honey and me. (My honey and I? Whatever, you get the drift.)
So, yes, this blog does end up being one of those "what I did this weekend" or "what we had for dinner" type blogs, but guess what I decided? That's OK! 'Cause I'm really enjoying just spending time with my husband, who I am crazy about, by the way!
Just thought my friends would like to know why I don't post during the week.
Gotta go!
If you want to get ahold of me, you can find me on the deck. Hanging out with my best friend.