Sunday, August 14, 2005

Not too much to report lately. We bought plane tickets home for Thanksgiving. Woohoo! We are very excited about that. It will be one year since we've spent any time in our hometowns and we are really looking forward to it. Maybe this next year we can get home more often.

In other news, we're finally getting cable! Mr. Crafty called and ordered Dish Network for us. Of course, he had to get the sports package so he can see all his Oklahoma Sooner and Oklahoma State Cowboys sports games. Great, looks like I'll be in the other room watching HGTV or the food network. :)Or blogging a whole lot, cause I sure don't want to be watching football!

And that's about all the excitement for us this week. Like I said, not too much to report, but that's OK. Sometimes no news is good news, right?

Oh yeah, a special hello to my dad, who is probably going to be reading my blog for the first time pretty soon. Hope you like what you read here. Feel free to comment if you want. Love and miss you!