Thursday, August 25, 2005

I am having an awesome day today! Today, work went SOOOO slowly!! But once 5:00 rolled around, Sonja and I went to a kitchen store called "Terra Cotta Kitchen" where I found just the thing I needed! A cute red and white gingham apron for my cooking club. I'm going to have it embroidered with "The Red Apron Cooking Club" on it in red letters and I think that will be so pretty! I bought that to be the "traveling hostess apron" I mentioned in my last post, but I think I'll buy myself one while I'm at it. I'd say the founder of the cooking club needs her own personal apron, wouldn't you?

And I also bought a white pie bird to put in my kitchen. I have a really pretty black birdcage that is empty and I've been looking for something to put in it but until today I had no good ideas. Ta-da! I'll start collecting pie birds to put in there! (For those of you who don't know, a pie bird sits on top of your pie to let steam escape and keep your pie from bubbling over and all your filling from ending up covering the bottom of your oven. These little ingenious things are usually shaped like birds and some people collect them. Myself now included.)

And I bought PAINT!!! I have been just itching to cover these boring white walls since before we moved in here and I finally bought some paint for our master bathroom. I'm going to paint the walls a soft teal color called "Cool Breeze". Funny thing is, I'm wearing a twinset and carrying a purse in the EXACT color of paint I picked out! I'll be sure to post pictures.

And MORE shopping news today (can you tell it was payday at the Crafty house today?)...we went to Target. I found 3 candle holders on clearance for under 3 bucks a piece! 2 blue for the teal bathroom and one red for what will later become the tan and red bathroom. Again, I'll post pictures of the rooms and their accessories when they're done.

It will be a while before I get the whole house just the way I want it, as I can only afford to do one room a month. But I am SO excited about finally getting to paint!!!!

Maybe I'm weird, but I just love paint names. Can I have that job? I'd love to name paint for a living. The other colors I'm using in our house are:

(these are all paint colors found at Walmart)

Painted Desert-a light tan color with pinky undertones for the bathroom off the hall.

Soft Glow-a light spring green that will be in the living room and dining room.

Golden Margarita-a buttery yellow that will be in the kitchen and one wall of the dining room.

Green Chalkboard paint-not a shade exactly, but this will also be in the kitchen and will serve as my backsplash. How cool will that be to just write my grocery list on the wall!!!!

Myrtle Blossom, Calling Bird, Lazy Day, and Picasso Blue-all varying shades of blue that will all be in the master bedroom. Going to use a dark grey-blue on the ceiling, a medium blue on the walls and 2 shades of blue glaze over this (one light blue and the other dark blue). See the picture I posted April 19th 2005 for a better idea of what this will look like. It's too hard to describe.

I have no idea what colors we'll paint the other 2 rooms, but I probably will not be able to resist painting them too. I think it will look funny to have all but 2 rooms painted. What do you think?

It is 10:23 and I do not have to work tomorrow until noon. I am pretty sleepy, but it is seriously taking me some real willpower to keep from getting started on the painting. Another BIG thing that keeps me from doing it right now is the fact that I have no paintbrushes. :) Must get those tomorrow so I can paint tomorrow after work. Does that make me weird that I LOVE to paint?

OK, see what happens when I don't post for a while...these last posts have been huge! Oh well, guess those of you that read my stuff don't mind. At least I hope not! :)