Monday, March 28, 2005

Why am I sitting in my car reading a magazine on my lunch break when it is 40 degrees outside and drizzling rain? Because during what I'd hoped would be a peaceful lunch break with a People magazine, someone was reading entire articles over my shoulder. Yes, folks. Entire. Articles. And periodically leaning her head on my shoulder. Don't do this. This is a surefire way to tick me off. Just. Back. Off. NOW. Just don't do that. Ever again. Today just isn't the day.

First, I burned my bagel and had to make another one. Because of this, I got to work 5 minutes late. And at this job, I am never late. And to top it off, I am having the worst hair day of the entire year. Yes, I realize that we are only 87 days into the year 2005, but I am thoroughly convinced that this day will go down in history as my worst possible hair day. (Well, excluding the entire time period in elementary school when I had the perm. We'll just happily forget about that whole ugly episode.) Oh well. At least I am wearing a cute outfit today. Hopefully, the worst hair day on record will be at least somewhat offset by the cute hot pink sweater and long black skirt I have on. Oh, and the cute shoes. Gotta remember the cute shoes. :) (Yes, I know I am vain and silly, but this is my blog and that is truly the kind of day I'm having. Vain and silly.)

In other news, did the Easter bunny visit you this weekend? After feeling sorry for myself because I'm about 1,200 miles from my family and their usual holiday celebrations, the hubby and I had a talk. We decided that from here on out, EVERY holiday is a big deal. (And yes, birthdays and anniversaries were also stated to be holidays in our house too. Just to make sure.) No, I was not at all upset about not getting candy or any of the "stuff" that goes with Easter. It's not about that. I just wanted to make sure that as long as we can't be with our families on holidays, that we have some way to make those days special for us. Not just another day, you know? What is the next holiday? Mother's Day? I'd better be getting a card from the cat. :)