Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oh. My. Gosh. I just had the BEST peach pie. I went w/a friend to the Virginia Farm Market to look for things to send my mom for her birthday. While I was there, I was tempted by the fresh pies they have. I've been craving hot peach pie and ice cream for a long time, so I decided to forget about the calories and splurge. Oh man. That's what I kept saying with every bite. "Oh man!" Wish I could mail one of these babies to everyone I know. But I'll settle for having some for breakfast tomorrow.
By the way, I did find some neat "made in VA" stuff for my mom. She's getting a box w/some cured Virginia ham, apple butter, apple candy, Shenandoah Valley pancake and waffle mix, pure maple syrup, several bags of Route 11 potato chips, and a couple of Virginia postcards. Hopefully she's not dieting like I'm supposed to be!