Wednesday, December 08, 2004

So, no Christmas tree at our house...we're moving that week. UGH! So, the Christmas presents I bought are stacked in a pile in my living room floor, waiting to be shoved in a box, where they will then be placed in the trunk of my car until we can deliver them. Probably, when we travel to our relatives' houses, we will be driving a U-haul. How terribly sucky to be moving at Christmas. But, I'm not gonna let that ruin my festive spirit. At least it hasn't so far! So, in the spirit of Christmas, here's a Christmas Quiz I took.

Holiday Q & A

* When is the best time to open presents? Anytime's a good time for presents!
* Have you been naughty or nice this year? Mostly nice.
* Real tree or imitation tree? Imitation.
* Favorite Christmas cartoon character? The Grinch...despite the fact that he's mean.
* Did you ever write Santa a letter? Maybe when I was little.
* Buy any Christmas presents online? Very few.
* Save the ribbon and paper or rip right through it? Rip away.
* Sharing Christmas with family this year? Don't know yet. May have to mail Christmas presents due to the move. Gotta deadline to keep!
* Ever ride in a one horse open sleigh? No, not yet.
* Ever roast a chestnut on an open fire? Nope.
* Favorite Christmas pie? Pumpkin. All year long.
* Favorite Christmas movie? How The Grinch Stole Christmas, of course!
* Favorite Christmas song? Too many to list, but here's a few. Blue Christmas, Carol of the Bells, Santa Baby, Baby It's Cold Outside. I LOVE Christmas music!!!
* People on your Christmas list; more or less than ten? More.
* Will you have a white Christmas this year? It's possible.
* Do you believe in Santa Claus? In a way, yes.
* Who would you like to kiss under the mistletoe? Mr. Crafty. He's very smoochable.
* Who gives the best gifts? My grandparents. And my friends.
* Do you send Christmas cards? Sometimes, but not this year.
* What color best represents Christmas? Silver.
* Do you own any Christmas music? Absolutely!
* How many Christmas parties will you attend this year? Not sure.
* Does the postal worker get a gift this year? Nope, sorry.
* Giving a present to a pet? Yes. And a stocking too!
* Your shopping; All done, half-way done, just started, not yet started? All done.