Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Update on the house-hunt.

When I was in VA, we found a house we liked and put a contract on it. We didn't get the house.

So, Mr. Crafty found another house that he just knew I would love. He went and looked at it the very first day it was on the market and put a contract on it. There were 3 contracts on that very same house! After only one day! We didn't get the house.

Mr. Crafty tried again. He looked at another house that was WAY out of our price range and found it seriously lacking. No go. He left VA to come home to OK for Turkey Day, so this puts a hold on the house-hunt.

Luckily, we just bought a new car. If I had known there was a possibility of living in my car, I would have bought a mini-van.

The search continues.

Note to all who are thinking about buying a house in VA: Don't.