Monday, June 21, 2004

You know, after 25 years of being a bookworm, I've finally decided to put down the books and get in shape. When I was growing up, my dad and sister were both extremely skinny. (Dad's nickname was "Slim" and my sister's was "Bony Bonnie" if that tells you anything.) Mom and dad got divorced when Bonnie and I were little and we lived with our dad. So it took a while for me to understand that I wasn't like my dad and sis. While they could eat whatever they wanted and not gain weight, I did gain weight...big time. Now, I've never been what anyone would call obese, but I have never been slim or bony either. So now that I am older, I am finally fed up with being overweight and am doing something about it. Now we're not talking about me losing that much weight really. My goal is to drop 2 to 3 pant sizes. Now that would be nice! I have started watching what I eat more closely, going on daily bike rides in my hilly neighborhood, and doing an abs/arms workout. I have also bought a Weight Watchers cookbook, which I think will really help me make over my eating habits. I tried the Hummus Pitas today. Not bad. Not as good as regular fat-laden hummus, but not bad either. It was a nice change from my daily turkey sandwich routine. Blah! Tonight I think we will have broiled shish kebabs. YUM! Now if I can just get Jason to jump on this bandwagon with me, we'd be alright. Come on honey! I need help! :)