Tuesday, June 22, 2004

This workout thing is getting easier. Must be a good sign, right? Today I biked into a part of the neighborhood that I hadn't been in before. I live by some really beautiful houses! Wish I owned one of them myself! Hopefully soon, (within the next year) we can start looking at buying one of our own. I am sick to death of renting and padding someone's pocket with money that could be going toward owning my own home. And I am so tired of white or beige walls! I need some color in my life! (And my friends wondered why I sewed myself a bright colored tie-dyed duvet cover? This is why, people!I need color!)
In addition to riding longer today, I came home and did 8 min. abs and arms again. I was really skeptical about whether or not I could expect any results from them, but MAN, I am sore today!
And I keep finding ways to sneak in more vegetables and cut down on portion sizes. Yay, me!
I feel better about myself. Let's hope I start seeing some results in how my clothes fit...and quick!
I didn't mean for this weblog to be entirely about my weight loss struggles, but I think that it is a good way to chart my progress and keep myself on track.