Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I lost 5 lbs! Woohoo! I took a break from the exercise routine today. No bike ride this morning, nothing. Man, I feel lazy! Just me and a book on the couch. I feel like I should not be reading yet. Like I haven't done the bike ride, so I shouldn't be rewarding myself with reading. But my muscles are sore today and I needed a break. So I will run errands instead. Maybe I will sew later today. Going to look for fabric to make my sister a baby blanket. We don't know what she's having yet, so I will have to keep the colors neutral. No pink or blue. I'm getting excited for her! I love making baby blankets. I might be able to get a new sewing machine for my birthday, which is coming up in July (the 7th). That would give me a chance to make some curtains, finish the baby blanket I started for my friend Jennifer's baby boy, work on a blanket for my sister's baby, and maybe finish the quilt I started years ago. I hope I get a sewing machine soon...while I still have a lot of free time to work on things! When school starts, I won't have that much free time, I don't think, so I want to take advantage of it now. I'll keep my fingers crossed. In the meantime, it's back to the bike rides tomorrow! Hopefully the lbs will keep coming off. Meanwhile, I'm doing the happy dance about the 5 lbs. (Which burns calories, by the way.) :)