Thursday, April 22, 2010

Audrey's first tooth. Obviously we celebrated by getting her first toothbrush. By now she's got two teeth on the bottom and I think about to get some on top too. Better posting this late than never, right?


Katy said...

Have you taken the kiddos to see Dr Heather yet?

Amy said...

Nope. She doesn't see them til their 8 or so. I'd like them to go to her but will have to take them somewhere else.

Speaking of Dr. Heather, I need to go see her again. At my last cleaning I had no cavities but one place that was bothering me. She said it was probably my wisdom teeth. Went for a consult about my wisdom teeth and Dr. Amos said it's probably a cavity that is too small to be detected by xray yet. YAY for no surgery on my wisdom teeth but I'm not looking forward to going back and getting that checked out.