Monday, April 19, 2010

Aaahhh! Finally! Some time to blog! It's late at night and everyone is in bed. I should be too but then I remembered I left that "I love Swagbucks" post up and didn't post anything since. Sorry! I DO still love Swagbucks. Just got 2 more $5 Amazon gift cards for FREE! But that's enough about that. We've been busy around here. I just finished up another class last week. That means a flurry of paper writing and homework all due the last week of class. Whew! I got another A though so I'm very happy. Only 5 more classes to go. This past weekend was one of the first weekends I haven't had to do homework and MAN was it nice!

We have been getting rid of a lot of things we no longer use and trying to organize things around our house. Really we haven't done much of this in about a year and a half so it was bad. When I was pregnant with Audrey, I just felt so bad all the time and had zero energy. Then after she was born I just felt like it was all I could do to get everybody dressed (most days) and fed and changed and keep them happy all day long. Stuff piled up and piled up until our bedroom looked like a disaster! Why our bedroom? Because we could shut the door when we had company! :)

Now we're finally finding time to go through things and get rid of the stuff we haven't used in a while. It feels really good. I've been posting it all on Freecycle. I love it! It helps me AND it helps someone else too! Basically it's like putting an ad in the paper and saying "Hey, here's some free stuff...come and get it!" I got the sweetest email from a lady to whom I had given a huge box of craft supplies. She's a retired lady on a fixed income and she said the two boxes of stuff I gave her will keep her busy crafting for a long time. That sure felt nice. And I certainly wasn't using it...why not let someone else benefit?

In other news, we're busy planning Audrey's birthday party. I cannot believe she is going to be ONE! Where did this year go? It's been a tough one, that's for sure. Crazy and wonderful and I certainly haven't gotten very much sleep. That's getting better slowly but I suspect it won't get dramatically better until I'm done with school. Hurry up, October!

I'll try to post again soon! :)


Jen said...

I cleaned our bedroom out just yesterday. It was horrible. Ha! There were so many piles of stuff--a hundred different categories--I had no idea what to do with it all. I threw away a trashcan full of old catalogs, kids drawings, receipts and papers but other than that...most of it just went right back where it had started, although now in neater, more organized piles. It's so hard to get rid of books (which is what most of mine was). Most of them are books I still WANT to read...just haven't gotten around to it yet (and probably won't until the kids are grown and moved out!) Ohhh was a good 3-4 hours spent and little got accomplished, but at least now I know what's in there and it's somewhat less dusty! :o)

Amy said...

Jen, this weekend we worked ALL DAY Saturday cleaning. It was ridiculous! Every flat surface in our house had piles of papers on it. And we're not talking about little neat stacks of stuff either. It was CRAZY! I'm working on getting rid of more stuff little by little. I sure am enjoying feeling like we've got at least a little bit more room in the house now!