Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whew! What a week! Why is it that some days are easy-peasy and others are just BRUTAL?! I know, that's just the way life is but MAN, yesterday was a doozy! Easton decided to take his diaper off first thing in the morning before I was even out of bed so my day started out with me having to clean up pee and poop from the carpet. The rest of the day just went downhill from there. I won't get into all the details here because really it was just a bunch of little, tedious, annoying stuff that added up to one exhausting day.

But on a much brighter note, Easton and I have been having lots of talks about God lately. It started out last week with me praying out loud in the car. Then it really picked up after I prayed with him one morning during a rainstorm. We thanked God for the rain, thanked Him for the fact that we are all healthy and happy and safe. Now every day since then Easton has told me "Thank You God uh rain, Mama." Yes, sweet boy, thank you God for the rain.

I'm not really one who prays easily out loud. I know this is really ridiculous of me but I always worry that I'm gonna say the wrong thing or sound silly or whatever. In fact, when my friend asks me to say the blessing before we eat together, I always blush and get real embarrassed and she says it for us. What is up with that? There's absolutely nothing to be shy about! Praying is just talking to God and thanking Him for all he has given us. Why is that embarrassing? You know what? I'm done being embarrassed about that. What a silly waste of energy to be embarrassed over something like that! Also I realized that if Jason and I don't teach our children to pray, then how are they going to learn? So have been making it a point to pray out loud with Easton a lot. It's been really good for us both. :)

And this next part has been the highlight of this crazy, crazy week:

Some of you may have seen this on Facebook already but I just had to share it again. According to Easton, "God plays cars a lot. God needs to vacuum too."
Goodness, I love that little boy!

Good, True & Beautiful


Candi said...

Prayer is good and absolutely precious time spent with your son!

Sharon said...

Hee Hee Hee! Plays cars huh? That's hysterical! And unfortunately, the need to vacuum is something that God and I have in common!

Thanks for your sharing you JOY (and glad to hear the day got better!)

Melissa said...

SWEET! So true. I'm like you, I can pour my heart out to God myself, but when anyone else is around my prayer becomes must more stiff and stilted. I need to just get over it!

Jamie~ said...

What a cutie!!

I've been working on praying out loud over the years and feel a little more confident (at least in front of my kids). It's so fun to hear/see them learn that confidence and just the funny things they come up with. Our recent conversation was about God not having a face. Too funny!

I am Lee-Ann... said...

Awww he sounds like a total sweetie! A beautiful post! Thanks for stopping by today!