Thursday, February 11, 2010

We got out today. Hooray! Jason worked really hard and shoveled off and on ALL DAY! He's worn out (as evidenced by the fact that it's 8:30 and he's already in bed for the night). We managed to go just down the road a bit to CVS to replenish the baby goods. Oh my goodness! CVS is like a mile (maybe a little more) from our house and I was white-knuckled all the way there. This area looks like a war zone! Drifts higher than cars, people! UN. REAL!!! I spent $40 on formula, diapers, wipes and Valentines for the kids. Looks like I definitely won't be going anywhere anytime soon. The fresh air did us all some good I think. Attitudes are much better around here and Easton was so delighted to be home that as soon as we walked in the door he said "Yay, HOME!" over and over. Looks like we'll be here for the next few days. As much as I'd love to be out, I sure don't want to be driving around in this mess. In the short time we were gone, I saw people driving like idiots, kids playing around in the middle of the street, and just being ridiculous. We saw some kids pulling a sled behind a 4 wheeler down the middle of the street is DANGEROUS! What kind of parents let their kids do that?! I'm not saying I think it's a good idea but at the very least if you want to do that GET OUT OF THE STREET!

A trip to CVS might actually, technically be getting out of the house but not in my book. I want to drive myself somewhere all by myself and spend more than 15 minutes there. Wow, that sure would be nice! Still, I'm grateful we could get out because now we have diapers and formula and wipes and Valentine's and better attitudes all around.

Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments on the previous post. I was (and still am) trying to have a good attitude through this whole ordeal. Thanks!

Note to my hubby: Honey, I am so grateful to you for all of the things you do for me. You keep us safe, provide us with a beautiful home to live in, and most importantly you take over when you know I'm about to lose it. I'm so glad we're on the same team! You are my best friend. I love you more than chocolate, more than wine, more than reading a good book in the bathtub, more than shopping. Well, at least AS MUCH as I love shopping anyway. Words really can't tell you just how much I appreciate you but I do! I love you!