Friday, February 12, 2010

Comments fixed. If you've been having trouble leaving a comment, I think I've fixed that. I love all of your comments, so if anyone ever has a problem, let me know!

Thanks, Mandy! :)


Jen said...

Isn't that just the worst? Knowing that you have been missing comments!?!? :) Glad you got it fixed!! love ya!
Hope you're hanging in there--with being stuck in the house and all!

Marmy Mommy said...

I have a blogging Q for you! How do I show that I follow Lynna's blog? I'm such a dork that I put that I follow my own blog!! DUH!! I also don't know how to remove myself. LOL!! Oh....It's just me.
Thanks for your comment as well! I love seeing your babes, so precious and wish you lived closer as well.
Love you!