Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've decided it's a "give homemade gifts" kind of year here at the Crafty House. If we would normally give a store-bought gift, I'm making something instead. As a result, I have piles and piles of craft supplies around my already very crowded house. It's crazy. In order to work on one of these projects, I must first have no kids around, which means only at naptime or after they're in bed for the evening. I must also have no homework due. And lastly and most far-fetched, I need to have a clean dining room table. (Ha!) Sometimes in order to quickly clean off the table temporarily, I've been known to pick up piles of books, papers, etc and put them on the bar. Then I have to scrub the jelly/yogurt/mashed bananas/whatever off of the table so I don't get it on whatever I'm working on. And that takes away more valuable time I just really do not have in the first place.

I'm really beginning to wish I'd just bought stuff on Etsy and saved myself the headache. Who am I kidding? I have NO TIME for this! Note to self: when making lofty goals such as this, consider first "Do I have time or money or energy or room to make this?" Probably not. Want a good article to help you decide if you want to DIY or not? Head over to Ohdeedoh and read this. I wish I would have read this before buying all of this fabric for projects! :)


Marmy Mommy said...

We are soo related!! lol! Except I never make it to the craft store, I just think about all the things I would make for friends and family. Maybe, once all the boys are all older, then I might be able to let out my inner craft diva. For now I just hold it all in my head and think,"yea, that would be a great gift to make". *sigh*
Oh, well, with three boys so far in this house, I rarely have time to scrapbook!!! Maybe someday.........