Monday, February 15, 2010

I am continuing to work on E's vehicle-themed room. I took a few pictures of signs and some cars and trucks he likes and had them printed out and framed. Today he helped me choose pictures for a book about cars and trucks. Right now we'll just print this out and make into a book but when it's time we can also use these same pictures to practice handwriting and/or spelling. Just thought I'd post here in case anyone else might be interested in this. E's vehicle book


Anonymous said...

Hey Amy,

Love reading the blog anytime I get a chance. The kids are so cute. Do you have facebook? If so look me up and check out my new little boy, Cameron. Oh do I have some stories for you. You would have a field day with my little one. He has a bleeding disorder so we are in and out of the Children's Hospital all the time getting factor. If you don't have facebook email me at!

Miss ya!