Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh my. This brought me to tears. How many of you can relate to this?

Grace at the Costco


mandy said...

That is a good story. People that have never had little ones just do not understand. I don't know what I would say to a comment like that. Now if it was Eric, it wouldn't be pretty..he has no fear of holding back when people are rude like that..especially if it's dealing with his children. And guess what costco is a public place, so that means children are welcome too, not just adults...maybe that is what i would say,lol:)

Anonymous said...

I can relate...reminds me of Rude Applebee's Man...Did I ever tell you that story? Back prior to Alexa becoming a handful (ha ha) Mason, she and I had dinner out at Applebee's. Terry was in Iraq. Alexa was being very good but as I was attending to her in the high chair I realized that he was kind of bouncing up and down in the booth. I would guess he did this 2or 3 times. As I was about to tell him to stop...some man drinking mixed drinks and reading the bible with two other women in the adjoining booth turned around and told me how annoying the bouncing was. I said, thank you I was just going to mention that. He said, "Good because it was bothering me...and he asked me where my help was to keep my kids in control." He more less was stating that I shouldn't be taking the kids out by myself. Me VERY pissed off just kind of brushed it off. Old Leslie, would have really liked to cause a scene and maybe just punch the guy in the face. I didn't, our poor waitress overheard and felt so bad and kept apologizing for how rude he was and the manager didn't make us pay for our meal.

What I really wanted to say was...listen hear buddy don't mess with me or my kids. Do you know why I'm here alone with my kids? I'm here alone so a fat jerk like you can sit here a read your bible and drink you drinks in peace...while my family is sacrificing so much just so you can have that freedom. Still gets the old blood boiling. BTW I was about 7 months pregnant at the time. So he was brave to mess with me at all.


Jen said...

I think I may have loved it too much! Ha ha I left her a big ole comment and then linked to it on my blog too! Thanks for sharing Amy!

Amy said...

Mandy, good point! It is a public place and that does mean kids too!

Leslie, I can't believe that man! I've heard that story before and every time it makes my blood boil! How rude! That's the part that gets me...when people expect you to be able to control your kids. I mean you can, to some degree, but they're KIDS! They have minds of their own and you can't always predict (or control) what they're gonna do.

I know Leslie (and Mandy and Jen and all of the other parents I know) do a darn good job teaching manners and working like crazy to help them behave themselves but you can't always make them do what they should. Like when Audrey screeches at the top of her lungs. It's ear piercing!! And then Easton thinks it's funny and copies her...just as loudly.

They did this in a restaurant last week and thank goodness we were done eating! I hustled the kids out (I had exhausted all of my bag of tricks) and left Jason to pay the tab. But you can't always do that. And people need to realize that you are doing the best job you can. ESPECIALLY when you are by yourself taking care of little ones!!!

Jen, I'm glad you left her a comment and linked to this on your blog too. I love it. I didn't have much time so I only posted a short 2 sentences about it here but it really touched a nerve with me. I identified with every single word she wrote and could not have come up with such an eloquent, beautifully written post. I love it!