Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well our first date night since September was cancelled due to snow. I was so incredibly disappointed but not terribly surprised. It stinks because we rarely get a night out without the kids but I kind of knew we'd be staying at home once I saw the weather report. Man, I sure wish we still lived in Oklahoma! I know a bunch of people there! I know a bunch of people here too but not ones I'd leave my kids with. (ha! Just seeing how many locals read this. I'm guessing not many.) I do know two or three people who would watch them but most of the people I know are either too busy or too far away from my house. And like one of my friends said, "How do you find reliable, trustworthy people to watch your kids? It's not like you can just open the phone book and find someone." Hmmm....brings to mind that "BABYSETTER" sign I saw a while back. Maybe I'll give them a call. Um, no!

We might have a sitter for Valentine's Day though. My sweet friend who was going to watch the kids for us last night said her hubby has to work that day so she can watch our kids while we go out. But J and I have always avoided going out specifically on Valentine's Day because everywhere is always so crowded. Plus, I usually just cook whatever special thing we decide to eat and it's always way cheaper. But now that we have a sitter we'll be going out. I have no idea where we'll go or what we'll do but I'm sure we'll find something. Any suggestions?


Katy said...

You should get a hotel room and have room service and a bubble bath! Its like going out and being in AND its very romantic.