Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh my, you are getting so big! You talk up a storm. All day long and you use BIG words too. Words like pomegranate, elephant (which to you is “ellerphant”), hippopotamus (hippopolamus), and elevator (elelator) and my favorite, helicopter (honeycotter). We got your hair cut. All your sweet little baby angel curls are gone and in their place, you’ve got a big boy hair cut. You say (and I totally agree) that it’s “bery handsome.”

You sometimes seem to be very interested in using the big boy potty. Other times you just want to take your clothes and diaper of and pee in the floor or your bed. If you’d just tell me when you need to go I’ll happily take you, ok? You aren’t interested in rewards of m&ms, stickers, or any other treat. You won’t tell me in time so we can go try to pee on cheerios or fruit loops. Man, I’ll be glad when this part is over! Other than that though I totally want to freeze time and just keep you my little buddy forever. You are so fun! Everything is cool and exciting and I am the best person you know. Well, me and daddy and sis and Elmo are tied. I’ll definitely take that though.

You can now tell me your entire name, Daddy, Mama and sis’s names, the city and state we live in (“yes uh-gin-uh”), where Daddy works and what they make there. You say funny things like “Yeah. Be fun!” and “I see dat”. Before nap time now you ask me to rock you and I always do. Each time I tell myself to soak it all up because this might be the last time you ask me “Rock you, mama. Sing.” I love each and every minute of it, my little man and I love you to the moon and back.