Saturday, January 16, 2010

It seems you are doing something new every day. You can now say Mama and Dada but your first word and also your favorite is Bubba. You light up when you see your brother and start waving your chubby little starfish hands and kicking your feet and saying “Bubba” over and over. It is adorable and I hope you always get along with him this well. We just got rid of your baby swing this week. You didn’t really like it much these days and I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that your brother liked to push you as high as he could and say WHEEEE!!! You are such a tall girl for your age! 7 ½ months old and you’re wearing 12 month jammies already. You sit up with only the smallest amount of help and positively cannot stand any time on your tummy. You now are absolutely, positively the loudest baby I know. You love to screech at the top of your lungs just like your brother did at this age but you do it about ten times louder. When you do this, your brother echoes you and you both just go back and forth screeching and laughing and screeching some more. It’s a little hard to handle when you start it even before I’ve had a drop of coffee.
I love you, my little sweet cheeks girl. Slow down a bit, will you? Let me make sure to enjoy every minute of this before you’re all grown up.