Tuesday, September 01, 2009

You are three months old and are such a little sweetie! Your smile lights up your whole entire face and you smile often and at everybody. My favorite time of the day is first thing in the morning when I go into your room and you see me for the first time. Your little face lights up and you start wiggling and kicking your little feet just as fast as you can as if to say "Hi, Mama! Thanks for coming in to see me this morning!"

You love to blow bubbles, look at your brother and "talk" to him. You hate tummy time, sleeping without Mama or Daddy holding you and your carseat. That last one, I REALLY wish you'd get over because lordy, sometimes I really just need to be able to put you in your carseat and go somewhere. Several times you have screamed the entire drive from Winchester to our house (20 mins or so). NOT fun! And certainly makes me a little worried about trying to drive to Oklahoma in November. Please please PLEASE grow out of this phase quickly, OK?

I love you, Tootsie!