Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh how I wish I had the time to blog lately. I miss it. Really. I do. But right now it's 12:07 am and I need to be getting my hiney to bed. (Hiney is the word of the day around here. E thinks it is hilarious and says it a lot.)

Things I really need to blog about:
My mom, Bonnie and Ryan and Tyson's visit here. FUN!!!

Daily cute stuff my kids do to attract attention. Especially funny stories about Easton at Target.

My new WiiFit. Thanks, mom!

Audrey's 2 month check-up.

Jason's out of town trip.

Next month's trip to Mebane. With NO KIDS!

But this tired mama will have to write again tomorrow or sometime soon. I'm worn out! Sorry to be a tease but my hiney will be dragging tomorrow if I don't get in bed pdq.