Thursday, August 20, 2009

My mom, Bonnie, Ryan and Tyson came for a visit last week. Oh my goodness, we had fun! We went to the Discovery Museum in Winchester, had Italian ice at Rita's, met Jason for lunch at Backseat (YUM!), watched the kids play in shaving cream and then rinse off in the sprinkler, made homemade pizza and ice cream, played school with the pizza and ice cream lesson plans from when I taught the 3s, went to D.C. for an all-day capitol-museum-White House-monument-viewing adventure, got Ry and Ty some new school clothes and supplies at Target and took about 1,000 pictures.

Ryan sure is growing up. She watched Audrey and Easton for us so Jason and I could go on a date. We weren't a bit worried about leaving our kiddos with Ryan. She changed diapers like a pro, put Easton to bed without a hitch and really just did an excellent job. I was so proud!

Tyson and Easton had a blast playing together. Easton calls Ty "Ty-seen". It is pretty cute! By the end of the days, the boys had played so hard that Easton was just completely worn out. It makes me look forward to the time when Audrey is big enough to play with Easton. Well, I'm not in any real big hurry for that but it sure would be nice for him to have a buddy around (or a cousin) to play with.

All of us waiting to get on the Metro.

The Capitol building

The Washington Monument

Tyson at the Capitol

The White House. Or as Tyson calls it "Barrack Obama's house".

Audrey checking out the sights in D.C.

Ty and E at the Discovery Museum

Audrey and Aunt B at the Discovery Museum

Easton's favorite exhibit at the Discovery Museum.

I think he would have stayed here all day if he cold have.

Mama and E at the fountain in downtown Winchester.

Ryan playing w/E and Ty in the wading pool filled w/shaving cream.

Ryan and Tyson meet their newest cousin


Anonymous said...

Sure had a great time with you all.
So many Kodak moments in such a very short time. Thanks for showing us a wonderful time. We made some awesome memories. Love, MOM :) XOXOXOXOXOXO