Friday, April 03, 2009

So close!!! I thought I had found a great deal on a double stroller. Not one exactly like I'd been looking for but it WAS a double and it was only $75 so I thought maybe it was time to rethink my priorities a bit. I found this one at a consignment shop and asked the owner if she'd hold it for me. I talked to Jason about it and he said if it was what I wanted to go ahead and get it. I went home, got our infant seat and went back the very same day to see if our seat would fit on the stroller. No dice. It seems our infant seat won't fit on just any type of stroller. Wouldn't that just figure?

Now it's back to thinking about what to do about a stroller. When I told J the used one wouldn't work, he said "I wonder if we'll have that problem with other brands of strollers too? Should we just get a whole new car seat and double stroller at the same time to make sure they work together?" Oh man! I don't want to give up my Eddie Bauer travel system! I love it! Certainly not because it's Eddie Bauer but because it is easy to maneuver and a cinch to put the seat onto the stroller. Plus it's brown and blue, two of my favorite colors. I know that is a silly reason not to want to give up my stroller but it really is just exactly what I wanted.

I'll be so glad to have this stroller thing figured out. I'm tired of thinking about it.