Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It is 4:19 pm and I am still in my pajamas. I guess now that the day is 3/4 of the way done there's no real reason for me to put on real clothes is there? Some days are just like that. I got busy today and just didn't get around to getting ready for the day. I've been cleaning out the closet in Baby 2's room. Boy, did I have a lot of craft stuff to get organized! I guess since I used to be the "Crafty Lil Devil" that would make sense, right? I kind of miss those days sometimes but my days lately are filled with much better "projects" reading books to my sweetie boy, playing ball and cars and watching the "deet-deets" from my dining room window. (That's Easton-speak for "bird". I'm pretty sure he's trying to say tweet-tweet but it sure is cute! )

Right now all my crafty ablilities are going to trying to get some projects done around the house before baby 2 makes her debut. I'm hoping to get a chalkboard painted to hang by my new desk/work area, sand and stain two memory boxes for the kiddos special things, and finish decorating the nursery. I guess the "Crafty Lil Devil" still is crafting just not necessarily taking time to blog about it. So if anyone is reading this and wondering where in the world the name came from...that's it. Someone saw one of my craft projects I'd finished and said "Well, aren't you a crafty little devil?"

Has anyone done a craft project lately they want to tell me about?


Nicole said...

"Crafty little devil" thats sounds exactly like something Nannaw would say!

I havent done any projects lately, but I am looking for one! My school, TCA, isnt going to have high school next year so I am going to have to go somewhere else, but I have a teacher that has been my teacher since 4th grade, and I was really wanting to do something for him for the end of the year before I leave. Any ideas? He is THE NICEST teacher i have ever had and i kinda want to do something pretty cool for him. I have pictures and report cards and worksheets from all the years ive been in his class....i dont know if i could do anything with that or not.....soooooo let me know if your CRAFTY LITTLE DEVIL mind comes up with anything cool or not!!! Hope to see you soon!