Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lately I am in LOVE with Panera bread. I can't get enough. I haven't had any unusual cravings during this pregnancy but I guess you could say I do now. I love their Sierra Turkey sandwich. I usually get that and broccoli cheese soup. DELICIOUS! Well, I decided I could totally make that same sandwich at home if only I knew how to make chipotle mayonnaise. I googled "Panera chipotle mayonnaise" and came up with quite a few recipes. I'm going to try to make a fat free mayo version and see how that tastes. I'm hoping the chipotle peppers liven things up and at least somewhat make up for the fact that I'm using fat free mayo. We'll see. Verdict and recipe tomorrow after I try out one of the many versions I found online.


Heather - - said...

I love googling copycat recipes! :) I like the greek salad & french onion soup at Panera.

p.s. my kids are about 18 months apart - about the same as yours will be?