Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm so happy the weather is finally warming up! It's supposed to be 86 on Saturday and I can't wait! Easton and I might get out and go for a walk around our neighborhood. I sure wish we had a wagon I could take with us for when he gets tired of walking! Jason and I have talked about buying one (and we still might) but I hate to pay full price for one. I tried asking at the consignment shop I use to see if they ever got any in but they said they don't stock them on a regular basis because they take up too much room in their store. It's a really tiny place that's crammed to the max with rows and rows of clothes, toys, games and other kid gear. I'm hoping one day I'll get lucky and run across one at a garage sale or something but I sure wish we had one right now! I'm usually pretty good about being able to wait for a sale before I buy something but I'm running out of time to go for walks for a while! I know once the baby's here I'll be out of commission for a while for some recovery time so I want to make the most of the days I have until then. Who knows...maybe we'll just break down and pay full price. YUCK!


mandy said...

The Radio Flyer with 2 seats is a good wagon to get. We got ours when it was on sale at Kmart. I'm happy about the weather getting nice too. I had clothes I needed to fold and tons of other stuff I need to do, but after Tyler got home from school we went to the park and played for 2 hours. That was way more fun than doing housework:)

Teresa said...

I did the SAME thing when Logan was Easton's age w/ a wagon...wanted one so badly did not want to pay full price but those things are hard to find used!! I finally saw an Aldi's ad and they had a wagon that week for cheap...still got it and use it rather frequently.

Try Craigslist. Good luck to you my friend!!