Monday, April 27, 2009

I read somewhere recently that the average 18 month old can say 10 words. That got me thinking about how many words Easton can say and I decided to make a list. So far we're up to 135. It is unbelievable how quickly he picks up on new words! I talk to him all day long and he loves to read books so I guess I shouldn't be surprised but I had no idea it was THAT many!

We had a great weekend. Jason's birthday was Friday. (Happy 31st birthday, honey!) He didn't want anything too fancy so we just cooked out. We made hamburgers, brats, hot dogs, baked beans and asparagus. I also made a chocolate cake and we had 2 kinds of ice cream to choose from. With all this food, you'd think we were feeding an army but nope...just us and one friend. We really do it up at our house for birthdays! :)

Saturday we just hung out around the house. Jason worked outside for a bit. He's refinishing my great-grandma Lizzy's wardrobe and has really had to put quite a bit of work into it - rebuilding drawers, gluing and bracing pieces, replacing the entire back of the piece. While he was doing that, my friend Katy and I went to Target to buy Easton a wagon. Jason put that together for us Saturday evening so we could use it the next day.

Sunday we got up, made a big breakfast and then took Easton for his first ride in his little red wagon. (I did end up paying full price for it by the way. I couldn't wait to get to use it!) Easton LOVED the wagon. He calls it his "car". After the wagon ride, we came back to the house and got ready for the first swim of the year. The water was still cold but Easton loved playing in it anyway. He wouldn't sit down in it because it was freezing but he didn't want to get out either. He settled for standing in it and bending over to splash his hands in it and play with his toys. He got pretty mad the few times he lost his balance and fell face first into the water but even then he did not want to get out. :) Stubborn boy! (Hmm...wonder where he gets that from?)

Right now, we're about to get ready for another swim. He loved it so much yesterday that I think we'll try to do it every day when the weather is nice enough. It's a fun time for him and I get to relax with my feet in the pool, a drink by my side and a book in my hand. Can't get much better than that! :)