Saturday, March 14, 2009

While my mom was here, she bought me the book Twilight. Now I don't know that I normally would have read this book because it's about vampires but since my mom and Jason's mom really loved it AND my mom bought it for me, I decided why not. Oh, it's so good! I read the first one in only a few days and bought the second at Costco and devoured it too. Now I'm waiting for the next one to come out at Costco or Walmart (where they're cheaper) or for a copy to become available at my libary. I normally do NOT like books about weird stuff like vampires and werewolves but these also have a really interesting plot aside from that. Besides, I don't usually like books about magic but LOVED the Harry Potter books simply because the writing just really draws you in and grabs your attention, so I thought maybe the same would hold true for this series. Yep. I'm addicted. Thanks, mom! :)