Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm so glad that Easton got to spend a lot of time with his Nana before she comes out when the baby is born. After this visit, she'll already be familiar with Easton's routine and know where things are and how things work in our house. I think this will really make Easton feel a lot less freaked out (hopefully) when the baby's born.

Easton and his Nana

(not to be confused with his Nanny, which is Jason's mom.)


You are saying more and more words every day. While Nana was here you were really fascinated with the words car and snow. Every day you woke up and had to check if there was snow on the ground or see if you could see any cars out your bedroom window. You and Nana would have been thrilled to see some snow but I agree most folks around here...we're ready for spring!

Some other new words you can say now: fish (fuh), truck, (kuck), fan (fa), poop, shoe, socks, cracker, kitty-kitty, bird, tweet tweet (teet teet), pig, hat, bye-bye, hot, bath and drink (gink) and no.

During the time Nana was here, you went from mostly crawling everywhere to walking all of the time. Your wobbly, waddle-y walk is so cute to watch. You're able to catch your balance about half the time instead of falling but you still fall a lot. After one particularly brutal day of falls, head bumps and one busted lip, I threatened to get you a helmet. You're into everything now. You can open cabinets (even some of the ones with the cabinet locks!), open drawers and sliding closet doors, climb up on the couch sometimes by yourself and empty a drawer faster than you can say No No.

I'm hoping that before the baby comes we can work with you on being more gentle. I was holding you the other day and talking to Daddy. I wasn't looking at you and you hauled off and smacked my face so hard it left me a little stunned. I don't think you meant to hurt me, just get my attention. That was the first time you'd ever done anything like that and I think maybe you were just as shocked as I was so . You didn't get in trouble this time but we are going to have to figure out another way for you to get my attention...and quick! Not gonna let that become a habit, let me tell you!

You love story time at the library on Thursdays but I'm not too crazy about it. It's only about 15 minutes long and that is a LOT of hassle and driving for just 15 minutes of story time. Heck, you get WAY more than that here at home with us. Maybe I'll see if there's a better story time program at another libary closer to home. I do enjoy getting out of the house but boy, it's a lot of work for such a short time! Plus, the libarian who does story time is slightly annoying.

You also love the bath and ask to take one after every meal or snack. (Every time you sit in your highchair.) Mostly you just love to splash a lot. Sometimes you splash so much water in your face that I think you'll drown your silly little self but you just take a second to catch your breath and go after it some more. You sure are funny!

Sweetie boy, I hope you know I love being your mama. Every day you do something to amaze me and I am so thankful to have had this special time with just you.

I love you, my sweet little crumb cruncher!




Jen said...

As always, I love these posts to E. What a fun way to find out exactly what he's up to these days! The pic of him with your mom is gorgeous! They look like buddies!