Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've been doing a LOT of research lately into double strollers. Most of the places I go are REALLY hard to get in and out of (ex: old historic buildings that have been converted into offices) so I'm thinking we might need a double stroller. I have found some that are just your typical 2 seater strollers where both kids have to sit down. But then I found some styles where the older kiddo has the option of either sitting on a bench (and being buckled in) or standing up on a platform while holding onto handles. I thought "Boy, wouldn't this be a versatile option for those of us with kids close in age?!" Plus, some of them can even accommodate infant carriers so that's extra convenience for me. Just unbuckle the infant carrier from the car and pop it into the stroller. Nice.

  • While I was out running errands today, I ran into a mom there who had one of these type double strollers and asked her if she liked it. She went on and on about how great this stroller is and how easy it is to use and she just loves it so much she has TWO of them and it's just the best thing since sliced bread. She even had me try pushing it with her kids in it to show me how easy it was to manuever. She had an 11 month old boy and a girl who's 3 1/2 and it WAS easy to push around.

    I got home and looked it up online to see how much it was...HOLY COW!!! $269.99!!! It's the Joovy Ultralight Caboose Stand-On stroller and man oh man I wish I didn't love that stroller so much. She did say that she had bought and tried out several other strollers that were cheaper and they were so heavy she could not push them around with her kids and the diaper bag in them. So now do I fork out this huge amount of money for the Cadillac of double strollers? Could I do just as well with our current stroller and a baby carrier until Easton is able to walk on his own? Do I even need a double when I've got a perfectly good stroller already? I love my Eddie Bauer stroller when we go somewhere we'll be doing a lot of walking. Plus, we've got a great little umbrella stroller we use for quick trips in and out of places because it's smaller and takes up less space in our trunk. Hmmm....what to do, what to do.


  • Probably makes it easier for me to get both kids in and out of places by myself.
  • Wouldn't take up more room in the trunk than our current big stroller does. (I asked.)
  • Easton could sit or stand depending on his mood and level of ability when baby 2 comes along.
  • Could probably get at least some of my money back at a consignment shop when we outgrow this stroller because they're in high demand.

  • COST!!! Holy cow! I could buy a month's worth (or more) of groceries for that money!
  • Everybody with 2 kids must want one because I'm not having any luck finding a used one.
  • Why buy another stroller when we've got 2 perfectly good ones already, right?

Any suggestions?


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Jen said...

I definitely say absolutely fork over the money! I say it is 100% worth it.'s a lot of money...but you're back and your sanity are positively worth $269. And like you said, I'm sure you can recover at LEAST 1/3 if not 1/2 or greater when you sell it later on. You might even try things like Craigs List or E-Bay instead of a consignment shop with a big item like this! I will keep my eyes out around here. Maybe if I can find a great deal, we could see about getting it to you somehow!?!? Anyway, my suggestion is to buy the stroller and just starve for a month! he he he
Just kidding...but really... I think this is a splurge worth doing! What does J. think?

Anonymous said...

I'd say definately get one. Logan is 4 and I still put him in his stroller sometimes when we go places just to keep from having to chase him around. I could not imagine trying to chase down a two year old and push a baby around at the same time, that would be hard. Obviously you don't need it right now so maybe you could save a little each month until you have enough to get it. Or maybe all your friends will chip in and send you gift cards or something to buy it for you :). I know it kinda sounds bad but you do already have alot of the major things you need so it may not be so wrong to tell people to send "money" or something similar when they ask what it is you need. You are only being honest, that is what you need, I don't know that's just my thoughts.
Love ya