Friday, February 20, 2009

Whew! I'm tired! I had such a good day today though. Sometimes I have tons of energy and can go all day long almost like I used to before I was pregnant and other times it's all I can do not to sleep the whole day away. This morning, I got up before my alarm went off, ate breakfast, got dressed (with hair and makeup no less! holy cow!), got Easton up and got out the door all by 8:30 am. That is no small feat for me, let me tell you!

I had an appointment today but it wasn't until 10:15 so I went to Target to shop for baby stuff and stuff to organize my office and scrapbook supplies. I found some great stuff at Target but didn't really buy much because I wanted to take Jason and get his input before I bought any of it. We left Target and then went to pick up Jason at work.

I had my appointment (just a checkup-nothing too exciting.) and everything looks good. I get to call on Monday and schedule my c-section. I'm looking forward to having a date to meet this baby! And that way we can start making plans for visitiors too! Anybody want to come visit? We're trying to schedule it so we have people here for quite some time after the baby is born. I am kinda freaking out about not being able to pick up Easton for 6 weeks after the c-section. Poor little guy! I don't think he'll be able to understand why mama can't pick him up and I'm feeling a little guilty about that. I'm sure we'll manage though and hopefully he'll come out of it needing little to no therapy. :)

After my appointment, we all went to lunch at Texas Steakhouse. Oh my goodness, it was so good!!!! Probably TOO good. Now I'll be wanting to go back again really soon. Delicious! After lunch, Easton and I dropped Jason back off at work and I went to pick out some new glasses. My current ones are all scratched up and I am several months overdue for a new pair. I ordered some new ones (very similar to the ones I'm wearing now) and then we went to Walmart.

Easton was such a sweetie in Walmart today. He did about drive me BANANAS by saying 'nana over and over and OVER again! I bet he must have said 'nana 75-100 times during the course of our LONG Walmart trip. I finally stopped the cart and said "YES Easton! We have bananas! See?!" I wasn't mad at Easton, I just wished with all my heart that he would pick another word already! Then I laughed at myself for getting so worked up about it because I am THRILLED that he is talking at all! :) Yep Dad, you were right. You DO spend months trying to get them to talk and the rest of their lives trying to get them to shut up! haha

After Walmart, I drove home, put Easton down for a nap, put the groceries away, made dinner, and helped Jason give Easton a bath and put him to bed. Then I shopped for a bit online (baby2's registry at Target -FUN!) and then finally settled down to do my homework. Now it's midnight and I'm totally exhausted. Thankfully we have nowhere to go tomorrow and nothing to do except hang out at home.

By the way...what do you all think about registering for a 2nd baby? I'm not sure how I feel about it. I wasn't going to at all because we have most everything baby-related that we need. We sure are lucky to have such generous friends and family. I was overwhelmed by all the gifts we received before Easton was born! Thank you everybody!!! I certainly don't want anybody to feel obligated at all to buy us stuff just because I did that but several people have asked about it and I figured that would be the quickest way to answer their questions...just be able to say "yes, I'm registered at Target".

If Baby 2 is a boy, we certainly have the clothes part covered! The only thing is that this baby will be born at the end of May and Easton was born at the end of October. I'm not sure if the seasons will match up to the sizes of clothes we have but I'm sure some will work OK. Of course, we have to get a crib. Easton's grows with him all the way to a full-sized bed so we needed a 2nd one. (Thanks, Dad and Tina!) And I'm determined to deck out Baby 2's room just as much as Easton's is so there's no hurt feelings over Easton's room being more "done" than this little one's just because Easton was born first. (See, kids? Mom tries REALLY hard already to make sure things are fair and Baby 2 isn't even born yet!) Anyway, opinions or thoughts about this would be appreciated. Is it greedy? I hope not! Is it the smart thing to do? I hope so! Let me know.
Good night and happy weekend!

P.S. I bought lots of tomatillos at Walmart today. Guess what that means? Expect a review of that much anticipated enchilada recipe some time next week. I think I'll be making it on Sunday. It better be good! I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

It is not greedy to register for baby 2. (can't wait to find out who is in there!) It is practical .....this is a whole other person we're talkin about here. And this little person is every bit as special as your first little person. I am overjoyed that you get to schedule your c=section so soon. Now we can actually make plans, get plane tickets and time off work, etc! Love, MOM

mandy said...

baby #2 deserves new stuff too. If it is a girl, she will definitely need clothes and dolls and the list is endless because girl stuff is too cute. Tyler and my twins were 8 years apart, but I had saved all of Tyler's baby clothes, bedding, crib, and toddler bed. Zebulun is covered for awhile. Although, I still buy him new clothes too. I don't know why now because he prefers to run around naked constantly! Have you ever tried any of your coupons for restaraunts from the website yet?