Friday, February 20, 2009

You said "car" for the first time today. Yesterday you were only able to say "k, k, k" but we knew you were saying "car". This morning, we were eating breakfast and I was telling you about our plans for the day. I said "want to go for a ride in the car?" and you said "car" just as plain as day. I am continually amazed at what you can do. Just the fact that today you can say one more word than you could yesterday just tickles your mama to death. You were such a trooper today! We ran errands all day long and you didn't really get much of a nap until very late in the day. But throughout the day, if you were tired, you never even made a peep about it, you just went along for the ride, talking up a storm the entire day. When we went to Walmart, you said "'nana, 'nana, 'nana" about a million times until I finally showed you that YES we have bananas in our cart! You love those 'nanas! :) The day before yesterday, you had your 15 month check up. In the last 3 months you gained 3 pounds and grew two inches. No wonder you outgrow your clothes so fast!
I love you, my little man!
P.S. Now for the embarrassing part...quit pooping in the tub!!! It's really gross!