Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today Mama took you to your first story time at the library. You had a pretty good time. There were lots of other kids there and you made sure to say hello to all of them. You crawled around and were so social that I wasn't even sure you were listening to the story until the librarian was reading a part of the book where a bear growled. You let out the loudest growl I've ever heard! It's like you wanted to make sure everyone in the room knew you knew how to growl. Everyone laughed and thought it was pretty cute. You had fun dancing to the music and bouncing up and down when they played Raffi's song"Shake your Sillies Out".

After that we met Daddy for lunch and you had your first Cheetos. Mama will make sure you have some veggies tonight but EVERYONE has to try Cheetos sometime, right? Yesterday you had your first Oreo. You thought it was delicious. The day before that you tried Jello for the first time. You loved that too. You're a pretty good little eater. You eat pretty much everything mom and dad eat now and get very mad if we're eating something too spicy and you can't have any.

You have a new fascination with Momo (Elmo). We're not really sure why because we hardly ever watch Sesame Street. (Looks like we'll have to start!) You have an Elmo phone, an Elmo ball and an Elmo book but we haven't really made a big deal out of saying "Look, Easton. This is Elmo". You're just a smartie and figured it out all on your own. Since you were so good at story time and because I realized you LOVE Momo and we have so little of him in our house, Mama took you to ToysRUs today and you got to pick out an Elmo for your very own. You chose one that talks and is really fuzzy. Just the one I would have chosen for you if you weren't with me.

It's fun now that you're old enough to choose things for yourself. I really enjoy seeing you study your options and really seem to think about your choice before you finally decide. Also, you LOVE music! We were shopping and went by a display where they were playing big band music. You started bopping up and down in the cart and smiling real big. It was pretty cute. Also, today you heard some rap music and did the same thing. I'm glad you enjoy a wide variety of music, little man, but Mama would much prefer if you didn't like rap, OK?

Thanks for being my sunny, funny boy.

P.S. Hopefully anybody reading this isn't thinking I totally feed my son junk all the time. He really eats lots of fruits and veggies, I promise! :)


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the little sweetie..and you and J too! love, MOM