Saturday, January 17, 2009

What am I doing today? Trying to get up the nerve to face the mountain of clothes that is waiting for me in my bedroom. No, not dirty laundry. Clothes that are hanging in my closet that I can no longer fit into. Some I haven't been able to wear in over 2 years. I really, REALLY want these clothes to be boxed up, labeled and put somewhere I can't see them every single day. But do I want to do that myself? Uh, NO! I want the clean-out-the-closet fairy to swoop down, wave her pink, sparkly magic wand and POOF! It's done. (Didn't know her wand was pink and sparkly? Me neither til just now.)

Seriously. I have at least 3 sizes of regular clothes and probably two or three sizes of maternity clothes that don't fit right now. I'm glad to have been given so many maternity clothes but most of them are too small or the wrong season. UGH!!! Anybody want to help me? I think I could muster up enough willpower to dive right on in if this ordeal did not involve me trying on many, many clothes just to find that they DON'T FIT!

Now what to do? Keep these clothes and hope I'll eventually fit into the smallest sizes? (Probably not very good for my iffy self-esteem/body image right now.) Donate all but a very small portion to Goodwill? (Oooh, think of the tax-write off and all that extra space in my closet!)

It's hard being pregnant! Nothing fits right!!! Even the maternity clothes that "fit" don't exactly fit right and if they do, it's not for long!

But now's a good time to do it...Easton and Jason are taking a nap and the house is quiet. What I really want to do is go find somewhere to get my hair done but it's FREEZING outside and I don't want to get out. Maybe getting my hair done will be my reward for getting this closet cleaned out. And my homework done. And the dishes done. And the laundry. Bleh!


Anonymous said...

Amy, It's sort of a commencement to adulthood to purge a closet...(maybe that's why I only did mine a year ago...hehheheheee) Seriously, I feel for ya. It is NOT fun. The hair reward sounds great though.. Go easy on yourself sweet least you have a REASON your clothes aren't quite fitting..unlike those of us who have just expanded past our boundaries. Love, Mom