Thursday, January 15, 2009

Looks like we'll have to keep waiting. I had my appt today and had TWO types of ultrasound and the little stinker just wouldn't cooperate. That's my kiddo for ya! Easton was the same way. Today, the dr even tried pushing on my belly (OUCH!) and everything else she could think of but she just could not get a good look. I have another ultrasound on March 23rd and hopefully he (or she?) will be more cooperative then. Darn! I really wanted to go out and buy something pink or blue after my appt today! Guess we'll just wait until March. Other than not being able to tell the sex of the baby, the dr said everything looks good. She looked at the new baby and then looked over at Easton and said "Boy, this one's sure got a big head!" She knew just by looking at both babies' heads exactly why I had to have a c-section with Easton. Yep. That's my kids for ya...big noggins and full of personality. :)


okiesister said...

Each letter is so precious. What a wonderful time for both of you - discovering new things - seeing the world through innocent eyes.

Kristy said...

Well if it's already that complicated then it must be a boy, that's just a typical "guy" for you making things harder than they need to be. We can't wait to hear the news!!!!