Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I found my camera cable! Now I can get rid of the 99 pictures on my camera and take some new ones!

Easton eats spaghetti
(notice the splash of milk on the bridge of his nose. Too cute!)

I want to help, Mom! Easton climbs into the dishwasher to see what he can get into.

Easton and his friend Olivia play in his ball pit in the toy corner of our living room

Easton rides his zebra

Eating 'nanas for breakfast...Easton's favorite!

Funny smile...lately this has been Easton's favorite way to be silly.
Guess he doesn't want us to see that brand new tooth. :)

Watching it snow


Jen said...

What a fun, cute silly little boy you've got!! Love the "E. eats spaghetti" one! Now you need to turn him loose with an oreo! I have a pic of me and a pic of Matt at about his age both having our first oreo. It's quite a mess--but makes for a cute picture!